Speed Addiction and Abuse in Wakefield West Yorkshire

Defining Speed In Wakefield

Speed refers to amphetamine sulphate drug in Class B in the street. At times speed is used to refer to other kinds of amphetamines.

Speed is a stimulant and is used by people to avoid sleep, for vigour and to maintain vigilance.

Speed has other main effects that include

  • Feeling 'up', energetic and tending to talk a lot.
  • The high the drug produces energizes people to chat, club and be on the move for many hours without needing sleep or rest.
  • Speed may also cause people to become delusional sometimes, because of the hyperactivity of the mind that makes the person hallucinate.
  • The intoxication is usually followed by a long gradual comedown, making you so irascible and depressed.
  • Speed exerts a pressure on the heart, so can lead to heart problems; in fact, some individuals have lost their life from excessive use of speed.

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Easily Identifiable Effects Of Speed Use In Wakefield

Those using speed get a high that makes them extra sensitive, wide awake and pumped up; they also may become jittery and violent.

Other effects of speed include

  • Speed causes over wakefulness, electrifies people and make them gossipy.
  • Clubgoers use it as it provides them the energy to dance for hours without been exhausted.
  • The ability of amphetamines to curb hunger caused to be used as an ingredient in slimming pills sometime back.
  • In worse scenarios, it makes a user aggressive and psychotic.

Dangers Of Taking Speed To The People Of Wakefield

The resounding answer to this question is yes!

It is very important to take note of the following health and life risks when taking speed

  • Lack of sleep will result depending on the dosage taken.
  • The 'comedown', which can continue for a couple of days, can make addicts feel so sluggish and down, and you can develop focusing problems and with studying.
  • Those already with heart problems or hypertension should not take speed as it pressurizes the heart - It is known to have killed many users this way.
  • Speed has been known to result to death if taken together with either alcohol or antidepressants.
  • Excessive use of speed could affect your immune system resulting in more colds, flu and sore throat, in addition to its effects on diet and sleep. Speed can result in nervousness, gloominess, over sensitivity, hostility and fear and even severe hallucinations.
  • Speed injection in particular is very dangerous.
  • Larger amounts are quickly taken in by injection than by any other means.
  • Speed is often highly adulterated, so it's not only the amphetamine that enters into your circulatory system.
  • Veins and arteries could be damaged due to injection and can lead to ulcers as well as gangrene (refers to when some body parts and bits begin to die)
  • Viral infections like hepatitis, HIV/AIDS can be transmitted through sharing of needles, syringes and other injecting equipment amongst users.