Over The Counter Drugs Addiction and Abuse in Wakefield West Yorkshire

Knowing About Over The Counter Drugs

Over the counter or painkiller drugs abuse can be a step toward the use of some more hazardous substances and can lead to dependency.

The definition of over the counter (OTC) drugs is the medicines which are available at drugstores or supermarkets and can be bought without doctor prescription.

If they are taken in regulated amounts, OTC drugs are usually harmless. However, abuse of OTC drugs is not uncommon. OTC drugs present a danger for creating a dependency, even though they are much milder than other drugs.

Cardiac problems, loss of memory, kidney failure and even death has been known to arise due to abuse of OTC drugs.

The most common OTC medications that are abused are

  • Cough medicines (Dextromethorphan, or DXM)
  • Cold medicines (Pseudoephedrine)
  • Kinetosis pills (Dimenhydrinate)
  • Pain relief medication (Acetaminophen)

You should get help immediately if you know your closed one is struggling with OTC drug addiction.

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Abuse Of Otc Drugs

There are different uses of every OTC drug. It can be used for treating mild pain, cough, cold, or even motion sickness. Some mishandle OTC medications to self-cure for maladjustments like nervousness and sorrow.

A euphoric high can also be achieved through the abuse of these drugs. Drug abuse is the use of a drug for a purpose for which it wasn't intended. While seeking a better high, a person who's misusing OTC drugs may make the change to drugs that are much more potent or even illegal.

Cough Treatments Like Dextromethorphan Or Dxm

Hallucinations are a common effect produced by cough medicines when they are abused. The relatively easy accessibility of these medicines makes them easy targets for young people who can even find them at home. When taken in a high dose, these medicines can cause severe health complications, including brain damage. If you or somebody you think about is battling with a dependence on OTC medications like dextromethorphan, we can assist you discover management and provision.

Cold Medicines Such As Pseudoephedrine

Stimulants like pseudoephedrine can be found in many cold medicines as integral ingredients. Pseudoephedrine is usually abused in order to experience a strong "body high", as well as delusions. Pseudoephedrine is also one of the ingredients for making illegal drugs; for example Methamphetamine. Seizures, elevated blood pressure, respiratory problems and an irregular heartbeat can all be caused by abusing pseudoephedrine.

Motion Sickness Pills Such As Dimenhydrinate

Motion sickness and vertigo are treated with dimenhydrinate. In high measurements, the medication can bring about fantasies, ringing in the ears, sickness, sporadic pulse, seizures, sleep like state and even death. This drug's psychedelic side effects are usually the reason for the abuse.

Pain Relievers Such As Acetaminophen

Painkillers like Tylenol usually have Acetaminophen as their main ingredient. If it is abused in a long run, it will cause serious damage in the body like permanent liver damage. Acetaminophen abusers also experience other negative effects, like loose motion, pain in the stomach, and nauseous feeling. Its painkilling features are the main reason acetaminophen is normally taken. Numerous mishandle acetaminophen to treat chronic pain.

Addictions To Over The Counter Medicine

Recreational OTC medication utilize can likewise change the brain's capacities after some time. At the end of the day, the human body will develop a tolerance to the OTC drugs after a while, and it will result in the users increasing the dose higher and higher in every use to get the same effects. Withdrawal symptoms occur when a person addicted to OTC drugs stop using them.

Usually, OTC drugs withdrawal side effects are

  • Entering a confused state
  • Resentment
  • Panicking
  • Sudden changes in mood

Taking a notice at someone who has an addiction to OTC drug can be quite hard. Unlike illegal drugs, like Heroin, OTC drugs like Tylenol and numerous cough medicines don't have a reputation of being that dangerous. Individuals don't generally consider them to be addictive, such a large number of friends and family of individuals dependent on OTC medications don't know to search for signs of a developing issue.

A portion of the indications of an OTC medication fixation incorporates keeping on utilizing the medications regardless of known outcomes and investing an intemperate measure of energy or cash using or getting them. Clinical addiction to a substance is diagnosed using 11 criteria.

Otc Drug Abuse Facts And Figures

Otc Drug Dependency Treatment

OTC drug abuse is treatable and several different treatments are available. These are the treatments that have been proven effective to help OTC drug addiction; individual and group therapies, mental health counselling, and psychotherapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Inpatient and outpatient recovery programs permit those recouping from OTC medication dependence the assets to get and remain calm. Chances of relapsing are significantly diminished when one goes to a drug treatment facility.

Get The Correct Help To Conquer Addiction

While difficult, you can end your addiction to OTC drugs. Inpatient drug treatment programs give access to the addicts to 24 hour medical care. Meanwhile, the outpatient programs is required to frequently visit the medical centre while also having a chance to fix their life at home. Addicts can get help in remaining clean with going to 12-step groups like Narcotics Anonymous that offer social and emotional support.