Lunesta Addiction and Abuse in Wakefield West Yorkshire

Addicted To Lunesta

Lunesta [Eszopiclone] is a sleeping medication which is commonly prescribed to treat acute insomnia but has a high potential for abuse. This medication should only recommended as temporary solution, because of its rapid habit forming potential.

The Lunesta is commonly used to treat sleep disorders as it is a sedative-hypnotic. This drug is frequently acknowledged as an excellent tranquilizer to treat sleeping disorder if administered through proper channel and hence its addictive nature is often overlooked.

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Specialists normally endorse Lunesta only as a temporary solution for intense sleep deprivation in light of its addictive potency.

Individuals who are addicted to Lunesta may

  • When it is no longer needed for health reasons, the user still uses it
  • Isolate themselves from loved ones
  • They become vulnerable and cannot stop using Lunesta
  • Without the approval of the physician, the person personally decides to use more of the drug than necessary
  • They believe that not using it will make their life worthless
  • Using the drug to get high
  • Uncontrollable need for the drug
  • Users combine Lunesta with different medications to enhance its intoxicating properties

It is common to notice people suffering from withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia and anxiety when they discontinue taking Lunesta after long-term use. Treating Lunesta addiction at a rehab centre under professional care and supervision increases chances of success as the symptoms can be horrible.

Health professionals at a treatment centre can help addicts of Lunesta safely to detox by monitoring their vital signs and administering medications for the withdrawal. Experts will monitor addict's sleep rest cycles and figure out which way of life changes could enhance their quality of life and sleep. Any psychological issues faced by the addict will also be evaluated by a therapist to understand whether the addiction is a result of such reasons.

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Comprehending Eszopiclone Or Lunesta

A drug that slows the functions of the body and contains no benzodiazepine is called eszopiclone, otherwise known as Lunesta. It is a member of a group of popular sleep inducing sedatives, which are commonly known as Z drugs and are similar to Ambien and Sonata.

Lunesta pills are round in shape, white or blue in shading, and come in strengths of 1 mg, 2 mg or 3 mg. Lunesta has been designed for oral administration but in order to intensify its effects when users are accustomed to snorting the drug.

Lunesta assists people to sleep off easily and remain in sleeping state for extended period of time. It acts on the receptors to lessen the activity of the brain. Lunesta instigates severe intoxication and lethargy.

Lunesta in just intended for short-term use because of the highly addictive properties of the drug. Addicts can get this drug fraudulently although it's not available for sale in local stores without any prescription. Sleepeasies, zombies, and sleepers are some other ways to identify this drug.

Lunesta Abuse And Effects

A number of users of Lunesta incorporate the drug with their nightly routine as a regular sleep aid, and this can lead to continued abuse and subsequent addiction. It is considered abuse if Lunesta is used outside of a prescribed dosage. Why many people like to use Lunesta and reasons it becomes addictive. Mainly, it gives uninterrupted, deep sleep, which can develop energy levels and cognitive function the following day. The serene feeling and the light-headedness that follows it make some people to misuse the drug. Misusing Lunesta is risky as it can lead to overdosing on it.

Abusive behaviours include

  • Using the drug for any reason other than its intended purpose
  • crushing the tablet and inhaling the powder
  • Taking more tablets than prescribed
  • Utilizing Lunesta without a doctor's advice for extended period of time

The side effects of a Lunesta overdose depends on many aspects. The amount of drug the individual has taken and or if other medications or liquor were taken along with it. The following symptoms may indicate an overdose

  • Sleeplessness
  • Abruptly passing out
  • Struggling to breath
  • Unconsciousness

Lunesta cannot be classified as a gateway drug but continued usage can motivate individuals to increase their dosage, which can lead to potentially fatal conditions.

Popular Drug Combinations Of Lunesta

Combining Lunesta with other drugs is an observation which has been noticed. The desire to increase the potency of other drugs is the reason why they are combined with Lunesta. Most are unaware of the dangers of mixing multiple substances.

Some resulting effects of combining Lunesta with other sedatives are

  • Daytime tiredness
  • Migraines
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth which seems unusual
  • Blocked nose
  • Sneezing
  • Throat infection

It has been suggested that alcohol must not be combined with Lunesta because both substances are central nervous system depressants [CNS]. The sedative effects of Lunesta will increase when it is combined with alcohol and cause dizziness, drowsiness, difficulties in concentration and impaired judgment. Trouble breathing may be faced by those who binge drink while taking Lunesta and their blood pressure can plummet.

Lunesta mixed with other drugs can become an overdose that ends up in death.

Lunesta Misuse And The Stats

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