Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Wakefield West Yorkshire

Understanding Crack Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs to experiment with because one can get hooked from the very first hit.

Crack Cocaine is a substance similar to mineral, which means it is strong and has a white colouration. To get crack Cocaine, which is its most potent form and looks like a crystal-like, sodium bicarbonate is combined with ammonia to form a paste, which is then left to dry so it can crystalize. Inhalation of smoke from burning it is the method used to ingest it.

Crack Cocaine makes popping sound when being heated. Therefore, it is called crack Cocaine. Crack is also called base, hardball, hail, sleet and rock to mention a few.

Nobody is a lost course, get help for any crack addict you know.

Crack Cocaine is an illegal drug. Therefore, any use of crack Cocaine is taken as an abuse. Inhalation being its favoured method of ingestion, its delivery to the brain s rapid. The duration of high is said to be very short lasting about 5-10 minutes.

There is a high probability of a life-threatening overdose because crack's ability to affect the mind and body is very intense. Overdose can happen even for first-time users of the substance.

The following the side effects of using crack Cocaine

  • Intense Happiness/Joy
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Tension. As the blood pressure increases, you will feel tensed after consuming crack.
  • Inclination to talk more than usual
  • dexterity

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An overdose can be one big hit or gradual summation of small hit over a short period.

It can be observed that enlargement of pupils and profuse sweating are experienced by the use prior to overdose. Delusions and / or paranoia, violence, and fits are symptoms of someone who is experiencing an overdose. Smoking crack can be so lethal to those who have kidney problems or high blood pressure. The crack Cocaine will cause such complications in the body and it may be deadly.

Dependency To Crack

Smoking crack is said to develop addiction more quickly than snorting the powder form. Even people who have never used crack before instantly become hooked, meaning a dependency can develop very quickly. The effect of crack Cocaine is very intense. It gives a very pleasing effect to the users. However, it lasts only for a very short time. Therefore, many people need higher dose of crack Cocaine to keep the effect going. This quickly grows into dependency at which point you are completely hooked.

Eventually, they develop a tolerance to its pleasurable effects and suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they stop using it, which makes them want the crack more and more. The unnatural increased secretions of dopamine when smoking crack triggers the declined normal production of the body prompting the user to crave more of the substance.

The cravings grow stronger and stronger due to the undesirable withdrawal symptoms he or she experiences. Most of the crack Cocaine users are aware of the negative impacts the substance may cause in their life and body. The worst part is they choose to be ignorant to it and keep consuming it.

Development Of Crack Addiction

People who have never used drugs before don't usually turn to crack. More often than not one is addicted to the 'mother' drug cocaine before they graduate to crack. Crack is more pocket friendly than cocaine which is why many addicts switch i.e. it's a more economical option. That is why almost anyone who can't afford the rich man's drug is able to buy crack Cocaine. A dependency on crack Cocaine can quickly turn into a costly habit that requires a lot of money per week to sustain, just because the user requires more of the drug to make the effects last longer.

Crack Statistics

Statistics about crack abuse are just evaluations based on some available facts since crack is an illicit drug.

How To Break An Addiction To Crack

While using crack, your mindset has been changed completely into thinking that you can not be 'normal' without it or that you can not be happy without it. Let it be known to you that that mindset can be turned around into its normal state. The only way to do it is to be drug free by following proper treatment. Act now and take the initial decisive step to regain your life!