Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Wakefield West Yorkshire

Cocaine 101

The 'high' of Cocaine is due to its influence on the body's physiology causing one to reach a heightened sense of excitement and general awareness. It feels so good that one becomes dependant on it but it does not come cheap ,costs a pretty penny.

Cocaine comes in a form of white powder and this drug works when in contact with body's central nervous system and is used to produce a lot of energy to your body and euphoria in your mind. It can be diffused in water and shot up, but can be smoked too ("freebasing"), even though it is usually snorted. Coke, powder and blow are some of the aliases of Cocaine. More and more people are still dragged to it despite its notoriety as a highly addictive and damaging substance.

Do Not Feel Defeated By Cocaine Dependence Seek For Assistance And Be On Your Way To Recovery

Every day around 1,800 Americans will try Cocaine for the first time in their lives.

Consequences And Abuse Of Cocaine

It is categorised as abuse regardless of the number of instance or frequency of use of this prohibited drug. Being a stimulant it significantly increases secretion of dopamine, considered to be one of the "happy hormones". Chronic users have learned to increase frequency of use to sustain the high and on the other hand, intravenous use of Cocaine is more predisposed to overdose.

These are the effects of consuming Cocaine

  • Increased inclination to talk or being talkative
  • Intense eagerness and enthusiasm
  • Awareness
  • Uneasiness
  • Overconfidence

Different levels of power and longevity can be experienced depending on the way Cocaine is used. Around half an hour the effects will last if you snort Cocaine. Even less, 5 to 10 min approximately, will last the effects of Cocaine if you inject or smoke it, but it will be more potent.

The sort after feeling of euphoria however takes a toil on your blood pump which could lead to heart failure and inevitable death. Get assistance today for anyone your know that is addicted to Cocaine.

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Addiction To Cocaine

Dependence to Cocaine is hard to spot. The most obvious signs of dependency are Cocaine cravings and disregarding the problems it causes. There are 2 kinds of addiction that will happen; they are psychological addiction and physical addiction and the most difficult addiction to be treated is the psychological one. The chemical dependency developed in the body of the abuser makes it impossible to stop the abuse.

An addict's body is conditioned to a new 'normal' when high which means they can not function without it. Getting hooked means it is not easy to stop the use without dire withdrawal consequences. All this is because Cocaine targets the brain which is the functional centre. The likelihood of stopping drug use without the rehabilitation may be against the odds but it is possible.

Cocaine And Other Drugs

It was observed that Cocaine is often used with other recreational drugs. Therefore, Cocaine users might have other dependency on other substances, like marijuana or alcohol. This raises the dangers of dying from an overdose and it is considered a poly-drug use.

Alcohol can also cause recovering addicts to relapse because it is commonly used in conjunction with Cocaine. During the process of recovery, it is vital to completely stay away from any substances because of this. A mixture of heroin and Cocaine is called speedball and this combination is the most lethal of all Cocaine combinations.

Cocaine Statistics

Among all illegal substances, the most emergency room cases are connected with Cocaine abuse. However, among 68% of those cases there was another drug involved too.

Treating A Cocaine Addiction

It is difficult to overcome dependency to Cocaine. Despite this, dependents can take advantage of sufficient treatment resources and facilities to recover from oblivion. Get all the necessary information now about Cocaine dependency therapy and recovery process.