Cannabis Addiction and Abuse in Wakefield West Yorkshire

Understanding Cannabis

In America, about 4 million people are stated to take Cannabis drug. It stands out as the most abused illegal drug.

The plant from which Cannabis is derived is cannabis. The method of preparation involves drying the plant and grinding it into crumbs which are then smoked like a pipe or cigarette. Cannabis can also be found in the form of food.

These edible foods can produce the same effect as smoking the drug and usually baked goods and sweets are the most commonly used.

Many cannabis users prefer using it as a semisolid viscous substance obtained from the cannabis plant as cannabis is more potent in this form. This drug, otherwise referred to as "dabs," may come in form of wax-like substance, a viscid liquid or hard, crystalline material which is more or less like candy that can be heated and snorted. There are more than one name for dabs, including shatter, budder, and wax.

In some states, Cannabis is consumed both medically and recreationally. it is used for anxiety and pain release and also to increase hunger. For achieving infamous "high" and for reducing stress, Cannabis is used. "pot", "dope", "ganja", "grass", "weed", and "maryjane" are some of Cannabis street name.

There have been many laws that have been passed in relation to the use of this drug in the past. Today's the confusion of reality and risks of Cannabis have mixed feelings and misinformation.

Cannabis Addiction And Effects

Cannabis acts on the central nervous system and produces changes in brain function. The chemical substance in the drug that causes these effects is known as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Different users experience different effects depending on how the substance is consumed. Cannabis produces faster, shorter-lived high if smoked.

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Dabs produce immediate effects that could last for a few hours because of their high level of THC. Cannabis can induce effects such as

  • Feeling elated
  • Mild hallucinations
  • Increased hunger
  • Less anxiousness

It is almost impossible overdosing with Cannabis, but it has the second-highest rate of emergency room visits, after Cocaine. Most of these hospital visits are blamed on accidents caused by intoxicated individuals.

Thc Levels In Cannabis

Compared to cannabis used in 60s, today's Cannabis has more than 250 percent higher THC content, and high THC concentration in turn means even a small amount of cannabis can cause a severe high. The risk of accidents due to intoxication as well as dependency on the drug increases with higher concentration of THC in Cannabis.

The clinical aspects of Cannabis addiction can negatively impact a person's life.

Addicted To Cannabis

Many people become psychologically dependent on Cannabis in the same manner others develop a psychological dependency on other drugs. Chronic Use of Cannabis effects the brain's dopamine levels, decreasing the natural production of the neurochemical.

Because of the chemical changes that cannabis causes in the brain, a cannabis user becomes dependent on dopamine to feel all right and relaxed. Hence for the time being, the use of this drug balances the dopamine in its normal level in the brain of addict. Wishing to quit using Cannabis but not being able to, is a severe indication of a issue or a addiction.

The personal life of a addict can also suffer due to this habit. The risks can come out as sudden aftermaths like

  • Problems with the law
  • Ignoring schoolwork
  • Poor performance at office
  • Reduction in learning activities and impaired memory

Prolonged Cannabis usage with disregard to the negative effects leads to addiction. In this case, it is critically vital to get acquainted with the signs and consequences of falling victim to Cannabis addiction.

Cannabis And Other Addictions

Cannabis has been recognised as a Gateway Drug because dabbling with it often leads to use of gateway drugs such as Cocaine. Teenager Cannabis users have a higher chance of experimenting with other drugs and this is why many have termed cannabis as a 'gateway drug'. Teenage smokers are increasing as the Cannabis abuse increases in United States. The risk of addiction to cannabis or other harder drugs is higher in teen Cannabis users than adult users.

Statistics About Cannabis Use

How To Treat A Cannabis Addict

Many people who have ingested Cannabis for a prolonged period of time find it a daunting task to quit by themselves. The most operative means is to talk or ask for help from someone to get away with this addiction. Seeking counselling or joining a support group are part of treatment plans for giving up Cannabis addiction. To learn more, contact us now on 0800 772 3971.